Destination BC Winter Ambassador Project

This past January I was offered a super cool job with Destination BC. They chose 5 influencers to hit the road and check out some of BC's best ski resorts from the Alberta border all the way to Vancouver Island. Over the course of three weeks, I was lucky enough to check out three epic hills: Panorama, Kicking Horse, and my home mountain; Revelstoke Mountain Resort! I experienced a mix of freezing cold weather (-35 in Revy) and epic snowstorms (25cm overnight at KH). The goal of the trip was to ski, connect with the local skiers, shoot photos, film, ski, and ski some more! The best part about the project was creating a bunch of fun instagram video edits. I have a background in filmmaking, but have been solely focussing on photography for the past several years, so it was great to get back into it! 

Here is some of the content that I produced during my 3 weeks as a DBC Winter Ambassador:

 Panorama Mountain Resort, featuring my amazing ski talent: Amelie Patterson, Heidi Hopkins, and Izzy Lynch: 

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, featuring the wonderful: Drew Wittstock, Brenna Donaldson, Kasper Treadway, Dave Treadway, Piper Noble, Emile Lavoie, and Andrea Eitle:

Revelstoke Mountain Resort, featuring a few of my favourite people: Leah Evans, Izzy Lynch, Heidi Hopkins, Chris Rubens, Greg Hill and Aiden Hill. 

Thank you so much to Destination BC, Panorama, RMR, Kicking Horse, and all my friends who came together and helped me with this 3 week project! 

A few photos: