Patagonia Cabin Jams

My good friend and longtime ski partner Leah Evans has always been a bit of a visionary. Not only is Leah a talented pro skier, but also a highly motivated & creative business owner. As a teenager, she founded Girls Do Ski, which is now an internationally recognized company that offers freeski  camps for women. Leah also has a great appreciation for art, music, & film. Which is why I wasn't surprised back in December when she told me about her upcoming musical/ski project with Patagonia called Cabin Jams.

The goal of the project was to gather pro skiers & snowboarders, a photographer, a filmmaker, and 4 folk musicians. Then fly them into a remote backcountry hut for 7 days to create original music, make a film, and ski/ride some epic lines. All this would eventually be compiled into a beautiful film, which is scheduled to drop in the fall of 2017.

I was really excited to see Leah's project planning start to come to life. But I was completely ecstatic when she invited me along to document the adventure! Folk music + ski touring + photography = all my fave things! 

We loaded the helicopter with ski gear, guitars, banjo's, violins, drums, camera gear,  beer & food, and flew into Sunrise Lodge for the week. Unfortunately a massive wind blasted the Esplanade Range on the night of our arrival, completely stripping the snow off all the slopes. The next morning we awoke up to bulletproof conditions which made for a challenging week of shooting and skiing. Luckily we had amazing live music each night to keep our spirits high and remind us to just have fun! The musicians worked equally as hard to write and record some truly amazing music for the film. 

Thanks so much to Patagonia for helping Leah put this project together and bringing us along!

And thanks to the amazing team! Leah Evans, Marie France-Roy, Alex Yoder, Laura Yale, Katie Marti, Maggie Davis, Mike & Steph Shaver, and Johnny!