2 hours / 200 photos / $1800

4 hours / 300 photos / $2300

6 hours / 400 photos / $2800

8 hours / 500 photos / $3300

10 hours / 600 photos / $3800


Second Photographer / $100 per hour

Engagement Shoot / $500

Prices do not include 5% GST



Where can we get more information about your packages?

Lets chat!

I always like to set up a FaceTime, Skype call, or if possible, meet in person with couples.

That way we can get acquainted and I can give you an idea of what your wedding photography experience will be like. 

We've decided which package we want, what is the next step?

Great! Once you let me know what package you'd like, I will email you a contract to review and sign. 

Do you take a deposit? 

Yes. Once we get your signed contract, I will collect a 50% non-refundable deposit/retainer. Payments can be made with cheque, email money transfer or PayPal.  
I will collect your remaining balance on, or prior to the day of your wedding. 

Do you travel and shoot destination weddings? 

Yes! I love to travel and am available worldwide! I live in a small town in British Columbia and so I have to travel for a good portion of the weddings that I shoot. 

How do your travel costs work?

I try to keep my travel expenses low while on the road for weddings.

Travel within 150 km's of my home in Revelstoke, BC is included in the package price.

Additional travel beyond 150km is subject to a mileage fee of 0.40 cents per kilometre driven, as well as one night of accommodation near the wedding. 

 If air travel is required then I will also require airfare. All these things will be agreed upon prior to when I hit the road for your wedding! 

Travel can really add up for destination weddings, so let me know your budget and we can make something happen. :)

How do we get our photos from you? How long will it take?

Your photos will be sent to you in a digital gallery. The gallery link is shareable, and there is also a "download all" button at the top.

  Your photos will be ready for you 4-8 weeks post wedding day.

Do we own the rights to our photos?

Technically no. I still own the "copyright" to your photos. Which simply means that you won't be allowed to monetize or sell the images after the wedding. But you will have unlimited freedom to post, share, email, facebook, instagram, snapchat, print, blow up, and frame your photos as many times as you'd like. 

Do we provide dinner for you at our reception?

You are not obligated to provide dinner for me at your reception, however, if none is provided I will need to know in advance so I can pack snacks. :)

Do you have any kind of insurance?

Yep, I have commercial liability insurance. As well as insurance on all my photography gear. 

What kind of camera do you use? Do you have a backup in case something happens to it?

I shoot a Sony A7Riii and various lenses. I also have a backup Sony A7iii. I will have multiple fully charged batteries and several memory cards. Each photograph that I take records to two memory cards in my camera, so your photos are instantly backed up throughout the day.
Immediately after your wedding I will backup your photos to multiple hard drives.  

What happens if you get sick and can't make it to our wedding?

No matter what happens, you can count on me to be there. But, in the rare event of an serious illness, debilitating injury, or sudden emergency, I will assist in finding a replacement photographer. This photographer will operate under the same contract & rates as me. I have a great network of wedding photographers to step in. 

Do your packages include prints?

Prints are not included in my packages. But I can definitely assist in designing custom photo books, thank-you cards, and advise/recommend which photos would look great as large scale prints! I love this type of stuff and can happily help.